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Team Breaking Session - 2 days

Our institute is offering a unique training session dedicated to already very high performing teams in any business, where top performance needs to last forever - TEAM BREAKING

This training is carefully engineered to address Polish culture phenomenon of performing best in unity against a common villain, and working against the problem.

Western cultures' organizational behaviour of uniting in a common goal is considered by us as fairly ineffective in Polish environment, and commercial team building sessions are nothing but a "feel good" moment that costs a lot and brings only temporal change if anything.

If your team is constantly performing above expectations, people in the team develop a common but hermetic culture, a sense of boredom creeps in, you start to notice group-think emerging, challenges are lacklustre and traditional team building activities meet their growing scorn then :

YOUR people need this training.

We address the ever growing need of further development of professionals in top notch companies. Our staff comprises of management practitioners from top polish companies, that strive for effective if sometimes unusual answers to corporate problems. Whatever we preach, we practice, so you will not find any theoreticians among us.

Our TEAM BREAKING session is 2 full days (9:00 - 22:00) of pure exercises with 100% active involvement required from participants.

Team may comprise of 6 to 10 experienced professionals that have been working together for at least one full year (preferably 3+ years).

Aim of the training is to identify a thin line between maximal involvement and withdrawal, through provocative work on weaknesses of individuals until they find a powerful intrinsic resistance within themselves. From this moment the training only builds upon their collective strength as a team.

Team Breaking will challenge each and every individual, and the team as a whole to a new standard. Personalities will disappear only to be found again, some friendships will be lost, found and reinforced, synergy will be forged forever and after.

All the best teams survive this training, and perform substantially better, having more fun from work, delivering greater results.

Weak teams, however, may break into individuals or subgroups, that should never work together - so be cautious!

What is important for us is that open conflict is always true, and sometimes it's better for people to part ways. Organizations which allow for such openness and experimentation perform significantly better.

The group which is not forced to be a team will be the best team.

Just think of yourself and your childhood friends, how good of a team you were.

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